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Yee Poon

Introducing Yee Poon: Yee graduated UWE Graphic Design in 2016 and is now a Graphic Designer and Illustrator living in Bristol.

Yee talks us through her experience interning and various design jobs which include Halo, Orca and Peloton to name a few. We see a selection of Yee’s proudest design projects and an insight into her current employment at Supple Studio who work with clients including NSPCC and The Royal Mail.

Yee believes the UWE Graphic Design course helps you to have a better understanding of your own practice and gain confidence in yourself and your abilities.

To view more work, visit @yeeepoon

Abi Will

Introducing Abi Will: Abi currently lives and works in Bristol and graduated UWE Graphic Design in 2016. Abi is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator with experience as a Workshop leader, Party Planner and Quiz Mistress!

Abi has worked as a designer at Exeter Phoenix, designing artwork for theatre shows, cinema, exhibitions and planned events.

In this video, we see a glimpse of Abi’s favourite projects and events but also an honest insight to how she has found life since graduating and the difficulties faced during the pandemic.

Abi believes the UWE Graphic Design course taught her to be adaptable, resourceful and felt encouraged to be herself. “Keep on doing what you are doing and stay fabulous!”

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Oli Scotton

Introducing Oli Scotton: Oli graduated UWE Graphic Design in 2017 and is now a Graphic Designer at SEA, a branding studio in London.

In this video, Oli discusses his experience on the course and how he found his design voice through the projects and teaching.

Since graduating Oli worked for Midas in Bristol; later moved to London where he secured an 3-month internship which since progressed from a Junior position to Mid-Weight designer at SEA.

Oli’s advice to current and prospective students is to experiment with processes and make the most of the facilities at UWE Bristol.

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Jess Reid

Introducing Jess Reid: Jess graduated UWE Graphic Design in 2016 and is now the Mid-Weight Digital Designer for Spectrum Brands and also runs a studio (@weare_cottonstudios).

Jess interned at City ID and later worked with the record label, CHK One. Jess talks to us about the variety of projects and clients she works with at Spectrum Brands which takes the shape of digital campaigns and UX.

In this video, we hear about Jess’ goal as a designer and what she hopes to achieve with non-profit organisations and small businesses/charities. Jess works closely with Music Support and Every Month, you can find out more via the links below.

Jess believe the UWE Graphic Design programme encouraged her to push boundaries, explore topics and the element of team work ‘sets you up for life in the working world’. A piece of advice from Jess is to fully absorb yourself into every aspect of the course and just have fun!

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Music Support:
Every Month:

Sally Mosley

Introducing Sally Mosley: Sally graduated UWE Graphic Design in 2020 and is currently a Junior Graphic Designer at the Bristol design agency, DNA. DNA work on design and marketing with clients including Boohoo, Superdry and Pandora. Sally talks to us about what she has learnt and gained during her time at the agency.

In this video, Sally explains her approach to design and what influenced her University projects. Whilst studying UWE Graphic Design, Sally received a Creative Conscious award for her project, ‘The hand you were dealt’. Sally advises students to take part in competitions and work opportunities and utilise UWE Bristol’s ‘Design Buddy Scheme’.

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Gina Bates

Introducing Gina Bates: Gina graduated UWE Graphic Design in 2016.

Gina is a multi-disciplinary artist and a freelance designer from Berlin, working on personal and branding projects. In this video, Gina shares how she finds inspiration for her work and what she liked most about UWE Graphic Design.

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Caine McGinley

Introducing Caine McGinley: Caine graduated UWE Graphic Design in 2017 and specialises in motion graphics.

Since graduating, Caine has been freelancing, modelling and most recently, colour grading for a short-film in America. Caine talks us through his personal hobbies and what aspects of the degree he honestly believes helped him for the future world.

“Do what you love and you’ll have a great time”

View a selection of Caine’s work here: