Anna Newman

I Work in Bridge Studio – the creative content team for News UK, working across our variety of titles such as The Sun, The Times and The Sunday Times and a variety of platforms such as newspaper and mags, print and digital. One day it could be a high end client ad for ST Style mag – the next day it could be a bespoke article for a small business. It changes every day.

I tend to work a lot on the travel pieces, because I love to travel and be inspired. In the Studio team we have journalists, designers, writers, photographers and editors, and we create all projects ourselves or we outsource it ourselves. So as a designer i’m responsible for all the design, including possible shoots, commissioning illustrators and finding other interesting avenues to use. I have recently finished working on a big campaign for eBay which was reactive advertising depending on the stories that were going to be in The Sun and The Times. We would hop up to editorial, find out any possible stories that would relate to an eBay product then in a matter of hours turn around a series of display ads to be printed in the paper that evening read for the morning. It was a really successful campaign and eBay have extended it for another 2 months.

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