Artist Residency at Filwood Community Centre

Knowle West Media are inviting three artists or artist groups to spend time in Knowle West:

  • To explore how Filwood Broadway could become a new site for artistic production and exchange with local spaces and people.
  • To create outcomes that can be shared in the community and through a culminating exhibition in the KWMC Test-Space in the Autumn (this could be documentation if work is live).

Key themes and questions include:

  • How FCC and Filwood Broadway could become a new site for artist production and collaboration
  • New uses for FCC
  • How FCC could become a social space for artists and local people of different ages

Artists should create material that can be shared with and in the community, including site specific and outdoor display etc. As well as generate content that can be included in an exhibition at KWMC Test-Space in the Autumn. (this could be documentation if work is live). Artists can propose to generate new work through the residency or to explore a specific aspect of existing work in a new context. We welcome proposals from any discipline; outcomes could vary from – book-works, sculpture, sound-works, print works, photography, project documentation, performance, workshop-series etc.

Full Brief & Further information: Knowle West Residencies brief