3rd Year Publication Feature | Creative Boom Class of 2020

The University of the West of England: Future CEOs

And that’s not what you’d expect it stands for: CEOs, in this case, means ‘Climate Evolution Optimists’. Here lies a hint of the theme for this year’s BA Graphic Design graduate show at the University of the West of England.

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C.E.O’s* (*Climate Evolution Optimists) | 2020 3rd Year Publication Launched

Our third year students have come to the end of their degree here in Bristol. Each year, final year students work collaboratively to generate content, edit and design a collective publication around a theme they decide is important. We then launch it in the city and send it out to our design network, distributing at the degree show, D&AD and at design events through out the year. This year, students worked closely with designer Lauren Davies (https://designed-ecology.com) our Programme Support Assistant and with Senior Lecturer and designer Marco Ugolini  (https://www.jesuismonreve.org/ & https://www.objectif.co.uk/).


So, we would like to introduce you to the end of year publication for 2020; ‘C.E.O.s* (*Community Evolution Optimists)’, which launched this week, including the website www.futureceos.co.uk and 2000 printed publications. The website includes links to every graduating students’ online portfolio and we hope you will take the time to look at some of the exciting work produced by designers on the course this year.


“The process we went through to complete the book was such an important part of our development as practitioners. We learnt to navigate teamwork, sharing and listening to ideas, collaborating on a large scale and ultimately experiencing a project from the outset, until the moment you are holding the final product in your hand. I think it was enlightening for all of us to experience that process from beginning to end, so we could truly understand what it takes to produce something that we could all be proud of as a collective. 

We began with a few zine workshops and making workshops, based around the themes of Solastalgia, climate-based media narratives and speculative, climate-focused future scenarios. This stemmed from a report evidencing that the Arnolfini, the building in which the Graphic Design studios sit, would be 50cm underwater by the year 2050. 

Being situated in a place that has a strong environmentally engaged community (Bristol), we thought it might be interesting to speak with local residents of all ages about their hopes, thoughts and fears for the future, through the lens of the climate crisis. By speculating on potential climate futures here in Bristol, we sought to engage those groups disenfranchised by current 24/7 media cycles, to think differently and engage in community focused conversations, debates and action around climate issues.” – Lauren Davies, Publication Director


Instagram: @future.ceos
Design Team: 


Lauren Davies

Emilia Bermejo-Ford
Visual Identity & Content Adviser

Sam Boik
Events management & Ethnographer

Rachel Bonner
Editorial & Layout Designer

Marta Celio
Editorial & Layout Designer

Sienna Chapman
Visual Identity & Photography

Sally Mosley
Digital Designer

Daniel Schenck
Editorial & Layout Designer

Leah Williams
Producer & Social Media Manager


Produced by:
Final year students.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design
University of the West of England 2020


Published by Typenowhere.
Typenowhere is the publishing wing of the BA (Hons) Graphic Design course at the University of the West of England, Bristol, UK.

Typefaces: Kepler Std Basic Sans
Printed by: Taylor Brothers


C.E.Os: Climate Evolution Optimists



ISBN 978-0-9576217-7-0

Copyright © Typenowhere

OUTPOST | Summer Programme 2020

July – September 2020

OUTPOST is pleased to announce the OUTPOST Summer Programme. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the paused artistic activity at OUTPOST Gallery, OUTPOST will be showcasing a range of creatives through remote artistic activity from July to September.

Over 10 weeks OUTPOST will be live-streaming a range of artistic performances every other Thursday evening for you to view in your own homes. In June OUTPOST will be holding an open call for working-class artists and artists from lower-socioeconomic backgrounds to submit work to be selected for a publication which will be published in print and online in August 2020. OUTPOST will also be holding an open call for artists of colour in the UK who have had their degree shows cancelled this year; we will be awarding £300 to 8 creatives that will be showcased on our digital channels. To apply for these opportunities please visit here.



Alumni Nick Cook featured in The Guardian’s ‘Home, safe home’ in pictures | 2020

Nick Cook, an alumnus from the BA Graphic Design course in 2013 has a poster featured in the collection, shared by The Guardian.



Illustration & Animation Intern Opportunity | Buttercup Learning

Buttercup Learning is a start-up company that produces environmentally focussed eLearning and augmented reality nature books for young children. We are looking for an Illustrator/Animator intern to help us create characters, environmental worksheets for our children’s e-learning website, animated gifs for our social media content, and artwork for our augmented reality children’s book series.

To apply, please email Rachel Mills at info@buttercuplearning.com, detailing relevant experience against the ideal intern criteria of the job. Please also provide a link to an online portfolio. The job ad can also be found on the UWE career hub.

Application closes: 14 Jun 2020

Commences: 22nd June 2020

Contract Type: Temporary

Contract Hours: Full Time. Flexible

Remuneration/ Pay rate: £370.00 per week

Where are the Black Designers? | Initiative

Where are the Black Designers?

June 27, 2020

The design industry is lacking Black voices. The 2019 AIGA Design Census reports that only 3% of designers, across disciplines, are black.

How can we “design for change” when the design industry is part of the problem?

Where are the Black Designers is an initiative which aims to give a platform to creatives of color. By connecting designers, educators, and creative leaders we hope to start a dialogue about change in and out of the design industry. Join us virtually for our first annual conference and step forward in initiating this conversation.



Email: wherearetheblackdesigners@gmail.com

Keep your posters coming to our instagram DMs. We want them now more than ever.

Brief Box | Design Skills Resource

Improve your skills working on practice briefs & short design courses. A useful resource for those of you looking to improve upon your portfolios & overall design skills.


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