Billy Lee Kerr

After Uni I landed myself a job at Cameron Balloons where I was for 2 years designing hot air balloons, I even designed my own hot air balloon using 3D software and photoshop which got taken into production and was one of the main highlights at the Balloon Fiesta that year.


I handed in my notice and took off to Australia to travel with my girlfriend, however after a month of being there I landed myself a Graphic Design job at Levi’s. Here I was the only Graphic Designer in Australia and New Zealand, so I was doing pretty much everything and my own boss, was a scary situation to be in at first and a lot of responsibility, but great experience nevertheless.


I’ve now just started a new job working as a graphic designer for a company called MYOB, (Mind Your Own Business) an Australian multinational corporation that provides tax, accounting and other business services software to small and medium businesses, it’s a pretty young atmosphere and I guess I’ll be staying in Australia for the foreseeable future if everything plans out well!