BRICKS + MORTAR | An exhibition showcasing UWE BA Hons Graphic Design student work on the housing crisis

It’s Free!
14:00 – 18:30
18th November
The Vestibules,
Bristol City Hall,
College Green,


In 1919, the government created the Addison Act, a move that made individual housing needs a national responsibility and aimed to provide good quality housing for working people. 100 years on in 2019 the state of our housing is not only a national crisis, but a national scandal. The abject failure of our government to provide affordable housing for everyone has led to a country where the value of the UK’s private rental sector is greater than the GDP’s of over 100countries around the world. It is a speculative and out of control business. Our city Bristol is particularlyaffected. Inflated property prices and rents, an acute housing shortage and lack of investment has led to the increased displacement of citizens and a sense of loss of community. On November the 11th, between 10am and 3pm, Bristol will be reminded of the dire situation it finds itself in as the third year BA Hons Graphic Design students take to the streets to express our collective distain. Our intention is to make visible the extent of the housing crisis across Bristol and more broadly the UK, showing we are no longer happy for the politics of our property to be left for the market to decide.


Please come and join us at The Vestibules (Bristol City Hall) on Monday the 18th of November, where an exhibition showcasing the documentation of our actions will take place.


With thanks to artists and designers Ben Thomas, Sandy Suffield and Laura Mortimer; Paul Smith from Bristol City Council; Melissa Mean from Knowle West Media Centre; Aidan Cassidy member of Acorn and Dawn Dyer from Bristol Central Library and Artspace Lifespace. Special thanks to Fenner Paper for their paper sponsorship. Project developed by Conway and Young and Colum Leith in their roles as Senior Lecturers on the UWE Graphic Design BA.