Competition to Redesign the Bristol Pound

Competion opens 22nd January and closes 22nd February

Five years on from the launch of the Bristol pound, the UK’s first city-wide currency, we’re getting ready to redesign our paper Bristol Pounds once again. To do this we’re inviting anyone who lives, works or learns in Bristol to submit designs and images for the third edition of Bristol’s money, which will be released in June 2018.

There have been two editions of the Bristol Pound so far, and we are always amazed at the quality of entries and the designs that Bristol produces. The eight images from our four notes are now famous and are found all over the city in tills, pockets and purses – as there is over £B100,000 in circulation. They have also gone further afield; they are a much sought-after tourist souvenir and have been seen on TV and in the press (as well as various museums around the world including the M Shed and the British Museum). Two of our previous winners have kicked off professional careers on the back of winning. Even the Queen has been presented with our money!

So whether you’re at school, a student, a professional or an enthusiastic amateur, your design or illustration could be featured on a paper Bristol Pound and you could become a little bit of Bristol’s history.

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