Designer Needed for Charity Pamphlet

The film maker Matty Groves is looking for a graphic designer to design a programme for a short screenwriting course, Open Script Lab.


Open Script Lab
Open Script Lab is a screenwriting course aimed at the short script and story form. It’s been designed for participant groups who are marginalised and vulnerable, such as, people with learning disabilities, older people, homeless adults, prisoners and ex-offenders and ethnic minorities.


It’s partnered with Open Cinema, a non-profit charity that enables any community to have a cinema or make a film.


The fee is £50. I realise that this is below a standard rate but due to the voluntary nature of the programme this is all I can afford.


Clean and simple design with not too many colours. I have a few ideas, but, I’m looking forward to getting some input and guidance.


I’m based at Spike Island Bristol.
Please email: