Digital Content Intern – Feb Start Date

The internship will run for 3 weeks, from the 15th February to the 8th March


The Client

Voltric is a mobility-as-a-service provider, offering an EV subscription service for the next generation of drivers who want a smarter way of getting around. 

We are on a mission to make mobility accessible, sustainable and efficient, through our service that covers everything you need to drive an electric vehicle under one monthly cost. 

Unlike buying or leasing a vehicle, our relationship doesn’t end when we hand over the keys. We deliver ongoing support throughout flexible contracts and a comprehensive suite of digital services. 

We currently have three vehicles on the road using our subscription service as a pilot scheme, with plans to roll out our full service in Q2 2021. 


The Brief

Our pilot scheme has two main goals; to test out our service and expose any areas that need improvement, and to generate traction for our first pre-order campaign. 

In order to achieve this traction we need to communicate what we’re learning from our pilot scheme, and what improvements we’re making as a result, to our target audience. This will require creating content to share as part of a digital marketing campaign on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. 

As part of this project, you will be working with Voltric staff and customers alike to bring the story of our pilot scheme to life. 


Project Scope

The digital marketing campaign will need to include the following types of content, and adhere to our brand guidelines: 

1. Shortform video testimonials of pilot scheme users 

2. Podcast style interviews with Voltric staff explaining the changes we’re making to our subscription service 

3. Social graphics and illustrations to accompany written posts and articles about our pilot scheme 

4. Written copy to be published on our website, with credit, with a non-corporate and conversational tone (as per our brand guidelines) 

5. Supporting the Digital Content Executive in other miscellaneous tasks relating to social media, graphic design or content creation 


Skills Required

Applicants for this internship should possess the following skills: 

1. Professional demeanour and writing skills 

2. Proficiency in either Adobe Illustrator or Spark for creating social content 

3. Experience filming and editing shortform video content and voice recording 

4. Willingness to participate in filmed/recorded interviews with staff and clients 

5. Ability to adapt copywriting tone to suit brand guidelines/company tone of voice 



You will be assigned a digital content executive to mentor you through the internship process, with regular contact for feedback and advice. You will be assigned tasks, and work together to agree on deadlines and revisions for feedback. 

Your responsibilities will be limited to content creation; anything pertaining to the operation of the business, or the infrastructure and analytics of the digital campaigns, will be managed by other Voltric staff. You may, at times, be asked to perform relevant tasks that are not related to the specific project you’ll be working on (pilot scheme content). 

As part of your review, you will have the opportunity to present your content to Voltric’s board of business advisors before publication. You will then be given a copy of your content for use in your portfolio, and a written evaluation as testimonial. 

The internship will be paid at a rate of £200/month. You will be expected to work a maximum of 3 hours/day, Monday-Friday, in a block between 9:30am and 5:30pm. 

The internship will run for 3 weeks, from the 15th February to the 8th March. 

There is also potential for you to continue working for us on a paid basis (at an increased pay rate) after the internship is complete. With your permission, your CV and portfolio will be kept on file for all future job openings related to digital content. 



Please send CV & Portfolio to