Fanny Wacklin Nilsson

Hej, [hello in Swedish] my name is Fanny Wacklin Nilsson, I graduated from UWE in 2013, and moved shortly after to London working in agencies as a graphic designer, mainly within the the arts and culture sector. Now I work as a digital designer at the branding agency Essen International in Stockholm.

During my time in London I worked on a variety of editorial and branding projects, which triggered my interest for digital, as I learned more of its great potential, and noticed an increasing demand for it within the design community. It resulted in me moving back to my native Stockholm for further studies at the digitally focused school Hyper Island.

Since graduating in 2016 I have been working as a digital designer, focusing on apps, websites as well as other digital applications and services. I enjoy the most when working in multi-disciplinary teams, developing ideas and crafting concepts with my colleagues and the clients. Success for me is when I transform insights into solutions that fit people’s needs and behaviours. I have however not lost the love for print, so to satisfy that outlet I freelance as the designer of a Nordic poetry magazine, published and distributed in Scandinavia.

You can see more of my work here: