Film Our City

Mayor Marvin Rees Launches Our City 2018!

The Brief

Produce a 90 second film, animation or motion video suitable for use on social media that captures your view of what makes Bristol THE place to be – creativity, culture, people, music, technology, action, collaboration, lifestyle.


The Rules

Your entry must be up to 90 seconds long.

You can use any digital device – computer, phone or camera.

We welcome projects produced by a team, though the lead creatives – director, producer, writer or composer must be under 30 years old, or a student.

You must own or clear the copyright of all the content in your submission – including music.

It must be suitable for all audiences, with no “explicit content” requiring a disclaimer.

Your submission must be MP4 or Quicktime format.

Upload it, and complete a simple entry form downloadable from


The competition will open on 25 September and close on 30 November, with results announced in December.