Celebrating the talent of today and tomorrow.

Millennials are taking over the world! This event is all about moving beyond the stereotypes, and celebrating the young leaders and influencers of today and tomorrow.

The theme of MILLENNIFEST 2019 is Talent: our programme of inspirational talks, skills masterclasses and policy workshops will explore what the future workforce will look like, and what this means for skills, education, and public leadership. We’ll hear from people with real experience of what it takes to be a talented activist, entrepreneur or social leader.

12:00-13:00 | Talent! Visions for the future

What talents do millennials have and how can we mobilise them to shape the future? This session will feature lightning talks from national politicians, entrepreneurs and young leaders on how they envision “talent”. We’ll be talking labour markets, public life, politics and how we can build an inclusive society.

  • Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol
  • Ella Marshall, Writer and Founder, Freedom of Mind
  • George Ferguson, Director of People and Cities and Former Mayor of Bristol
  • Philosophy of Mo, Artist and entrepreneur
  • Caroline MacFarland, Director, Common Vision

13:00-13:45 | Policy Hackathon

These breakout discussions will focus in on specific challenges and opportunities to make the most of #futuretalent. Facilitated by policy buffs and subject experts, each group will craft a creative policy proposal which will be presented as policy pitches in THE POLICY FACTOR! at 2.30pm.

Topics include (subject to change):

  • Widening access to the technology sector – Sam Dalton, The Challenge
  • Making the social model a reality and creating a world without barriers for disabled people – Debbie Thomas, Future Leaders Connect
  • Creative ecosystems: building an open and resiliant creative sector
  • Housing young talent: inequality and opportunity in Bristol
  • More TBA

14:00-14:45 | Lunch and Learn: Skills masterclasses

Designed to give you the know-how and techniques you need to make your mark in the workplace, social activism, politics and beyond. Our practical, hands-on skills masterclasses are hosted by our expert partners and guest speakers.

  • How to set up a social enterprise – Raised in Bristol
  • How to tell your story through poetry – Philosophy of Mo
  • How to Master Public Speaking – Young Women’s Trust
  • How to have better conversations about mental health – Debating Mental Health
  • How to build a peacemaking project: Deep dive into solving Injustice in your community – Peace First

15:00-16:00 | THE POLICY FACTOR! Making the most of millennial talent

Drawing on Common Vision’s well-known flagship talent show-style format, we’ll be asking a panel of expert judges and speakers the big questions about #futuretalent. Judges will present their vision for millennial talent and then offer constructive feedback on policy pitches from the 12pm Policy Hackathon. Think Dragon’s Den but for policy.

  • Martin Horwood, Director of Engagement and Impact at Development Initiatives, and Liberal Democrat MEP
  • Harry Pitts, Acedemic and Leader of the Perspectives on Work research Group
  • Metji Makgoba, Political analyst and Lecturer, South Africa’s University of Limpopo
  • Further speaker TBA

16:00-17:00 | Panel Predictions: Talent for a Sustainable Future

What do the skills, interests and talents of the millennial generation mean for the future of the planet? What do young people expect of current and future politicians and sustainability leaders? How are emerging technologies and social trends changing the way we ‘do’ sustainability and engage with the climate crisis?

  • Sandy Hore-Ruthven, Green Party Mayoral Candidate
  • James Sterling, Communications, Engagement and Partnership Manager, The Energy Service and City Leap – Bristol City Council
  • Further Speakers TBA