New Futuress Online Course & Fellowship Program

New Futuress Online Course & Fellowship Program

Design and its thinking have historically been complicit with multiple structural systems of oppression—serving to concretize, perpetuate, and disseminate power and privilege. Contemporary struggles for social, spatial and environmental justice are efforts to undo these historical systems of oppression which exist in our world by design. Our new Online Course and Fellowship explores the construction of these systems, and examines the designed past and the pastness of design, brushing its histories against the grain.



Against the Grain: Critical Perspectives on the Designed Past is conceived and curated by Nina Paim, curator, researcher, editor, and Futuress co-founder; and Cherry-Ann Davis, designer, researcher and writer. This Online Course and Fellowship Program aims to democratize access to the writing of design history—in a broad sense. Our transdiciplinary approach provides participants with intersectional feminist and decolonial insights, using various methods and approaches—including, but not limited to: source criticism, archival research, oral history, and more. By weaving in various fields and disciplines, we challenge the established epistemologies and give voice to historically silenced narratives and perspectives.

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Online Course

Start 16/04/21 | Ends 04/06/21

  • 8 lectures available live or asynchronously
  • Access to Futuress Slack platform
  • Lectures open to add

Price Solidarity €240 | Basic €120 | Student €40

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Fellowship Program

Start 16/04/21 | Ends 28/06/21

  • 4 collective brainstorm sessions
  • Individual coaching on demand
  • Access to Futuress Slack platform
  • All results will be edited by & published by Futuress

Free of charge | Maximum of 32 spots

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