Olivia Bull

I graduated from the course in the summer of 2017, a couple days after, I started an internship at City ID. I’m now just over 18 months into my design career and I’m working on some exciting projects in the UK, including Edinburgh, London and Bristol, and in the US, San Francisco and New York. 

I first heard about City ID when two of their designers came into uni for a talk in my second year – which funnily enough I’ll be doing this week! The travelling aspect was something that really drew me to City ID – I didn’t realise you could visit so many cool places with a design job! I always loved hearing professionals talk about their work and journey from university, it was also a great way to make contacts and prepare for the outside world.

City ID are a multi-disciplinary creative studio based in Bristol that primarily design maps, transit systems and wayfinding strategies and solutions for cities, universities, museums and airports. Everything we do is user-centred – connecting people to a place, aiming to make that place feel more welcoming and easier to use. We often work collaboratively with well respected design studios and type designers such as Pentagram and Dalton Maag – which is always really inspiring.

Other projects involve strategic thinking and planning – understanding users and their movement through a place. This involves site visits, surveying and observation to create and design innovative concepts and outputs. It’s great to work on a range of different projects that all require different processes – I learn something new everyday.

If you’d like to know about some of the projects I’ve worked on in more detail, please feel free to drop me an email at: olivia.bull@cityid.com

You can also visit our website at: