Our Air, Our City – Environmental Campaign

Our Air, Our City – Campaign

For questions about the campaign, join the zoom meeting on 19th January 


Bristol artists are invited to design posters, images or other public art highlighting Bristol’s toxic air issues. A panel of artists will choose their favourite pieces which will be displayed on billboards around the city, on social media, local press and advertising companies. Atleast one large mural will be created and artwork will be displayed in HOURS gallery.


What is Our Air, Our City?

Our Air, Our City brings together community and activist groups to push for healthy air for Bristol. The objected are:

  • For Bristol to meet World Health Organisation recommended air quality guidelines for May 22
  • For its implementation to be just – The worst air pollution levels are often seen in low income or ethnically diverse neighbourhoods who are often least responsibile for causing the pollution. Clear air solutions must take into account the needs of these communities, for example supporting them to avoid creating pollutions while maintaining their income.
  • For Bristol Council and other institutes to educated the people of Bristol on the severity of issues.
  • For Bristol Council and Mayoral, and West of England Combined Authority (WECA) Mayoral election candidates to tell us their plans for achieving the above.

You can read more about Our Air, Our City here.


How can you take part.

For the campaign to be successful, Bristol politicians must hear the voices of every part of the city demanding action. We invite you to raise your voice through creating posters, images for public art.


Key Information

Email your art & a picture of you with your art to ourairourcity@protonmail.com

We encourage you to follow the branding and messaging guidelines


Key Dates

Closing date for submitting images for posters & social media is 28th February

Closing date for artwork for exhibition is 31st March


To find out more, click here & download brief below ‘Create Art!’