Lianne Winter

Through exploring creative related fears and insecurities, I have created a set of uniquely shaped balancing blocks, which aim to aid creative block. The forms are inspired by the conflicting physical associations with the word ‘block’, such as irregular, multi-faceted and stone-like shapes. The process of stacking the blocks into mini, precariously balanced sculptures are inspired by the man-made stack of stones called Cairns. This process of stacking, building, and balancing encourages thought and imagination. Every interaction and build will be unique due to the irregularity of the blocks, allowing the mind to think creatively and find a solution, moving away from the creative block.

Supporting publication looking at the usability of the balancing blocks. How people interact and interpret with them whilst also referring to the concept of ‘play as work’ to aid a person’s creative block. How does the simple act of playing spark a persons’ creativity? whilst examining how the creations are representative of the players’ practice and stylistic approach.