One Line Stories  

Live Brief

“One Line Stories” is community-based collaborative project with the regular users of the Galleries Shopping Centre in Broadmead Bristol and group of final year UWE Graphic Design students.

16 double side banners 1m x 5m hang from the celling telling the stories of local people in relation to their experiences of the Galleries, focusing on the importance that local shopping precincts play in the community. 
A wide range of stories were collected from members of the local community and these were edited to down to one sentence each and typographically designed to reflect the tone of the narrative.  

The banners feature phrases such as: ‘I remember when it was first built and feeling like the 1990s had truly come to Bristol’, ‘I met Barbara Windsor there once – she gave me a lush hug!’ and ‘I remember buying a baby blue fluffy cropped jumper from Bay Trading!’. 
Jack Jones, one of the students leading on the project said: ‘It was so exciting to read the varying stories and memories sent through to us. Over the past couple of months, we have worked together to design banners which help make these stories come alive – so seeing these now hanging in The Galleries feels quite unreal!’   
The banners will be up for 2 months in summer 2021.
Thanks to the local communities for their stories,  David Wait Centre Manager and the Galleries team,  Bewonder marketing,  Ben & Becky UWE Digital print, Blachere Illumination, Ryan Brown UWE Fabrication & Rod Dickinson FET UWE.