A Souvenir for Your Safety

This matchbox packaging aims to provide a solution to the problem of domestic fires caused by children. Inspired by vintage matchbox packaging, the design integrates illustration and product design. The additional internal layer of the matchbox design makes it more complex to open therefore limiting a child’s ability to access the matches, and is reversible, showing a normal window scene on one side, or an inferno pattern on the reverse, through the cut-out windows of the outer sleeve. It sends a message of the dangers of matches and how quickly they can escalate and wreak havoc on your home.


In Memory Of Masculinity

Masculinity is a term culturally formed over thousands of years. “Boys will be boys”, “Boys don’t cry”. These sound harmless, yet these phrases infer all males should hide emotion, hide the way they feel, and hide who they are. We all know the ever-increasing figure that suicide is the biggest killer in men under 50, and we wonder why? In many cases, it can be this societal expectation that is to blame. Men feel they must fulfill this masculine role to be a man, and sometimes men inevitably cannot.

This bench acts as a physical metaphor that relays a message our society needs to hear… Gender roles aren’t healthy anymore; we need to teach the modern man it is okay to express the way they feel.


What Do You Think?

“What do you think?” is an interactive mega graphics installation designed to be placed in Bristol city centre. The title has been posed as a question in order to inform the public that their opinion is what will make up the content for the installation. Upon inspection, the viewer will be posed a further question: “how would you eliminate the contemporary beauty standard, if you could?”. Below this, can be seen a keyboard. For those who wish to take part, they should type their opinion into the keyboard on the first side of the installation. On the opposite side of the installation, can be seen a screen that fills the width and height of the installation piece. Each opinion will be sent through to the other side where it will appear alongside everyone else’s thoughts.


4 Day Week

The 4 day week is becoming an ever more talked about topic, with some successes around the world proving similar productivity levels to working the “normal” 5 day week. It is in grasp of the average employee and something we can realistically look forward to.


David Perry

Website: www.davidperrydesigns.co.uk

Modern Day Fears

A short animation looking modern day fears of society and how they have developed on from the more common ones like spiders or snakes. Illustrations drawn by hand and animated on Photoshop motion, then finished on Premier Pro.


Annabel Benoist

Website: www.annabelbenoist.com

You Can’t Have Your Cake & Eat It

Social media is dominating our everyday lives acting as a catalyst around the stigma of bodies and fat phobia. This is a constant issue with social platforms taking down diverse images and the algorithms only promoting the ‘conventional’ bodies. Diet culture is essentially societies acceptance for eating disorders, they encourage starvation, restrictive nutrition and many other unhealthy habits. Magazines promote this behaviour and idolise it through celebrity statuses. You Can’t Have Your Cake & Eat It is a series of art directed photography that exposes the toxic traits within the diet culture through a satirical narrative


Emilia Pavely

Website: www.emiliastudiodesigns.cargo.site

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/user93457882

How to Build a Geodesic Dome

Following in the footsteps of Richard Buckminster, I held a remote class and created this video to teach and educate about geodesic domes to celebrate the importance of triangles. I also designed a step by step publication that offers support along with the video.


Samuel Boik

Website: samuelboik.co.uk