One Line Stories  

“One Line Stories” is community-based collaborative project with the regular users of the Galleries Shopping Centre in Broadmead Bristol and group of final year UWE Graphic Design students.

16 double side banners 1m x 5m hang from the celling telling the stories of local people in relation to their experiences of the Galleries, focusing on the importance that local shopping precincts play in the community. 
A wide range of stories were collected from members of the local community and these were edited to down to one sentence each and typographically designed to reflect the tone of the narrative.  

The banners feature phrases such as: ‘I remember when it was first built and feeling like the 1990s had truly come to Bristol’, ‘I met Barbara Windsor there once – she gave me a lush hug!’ and ‘I remember buying a baby blue fluffy cropped jumper from Bay Trading!’. 
Jack Jones, one of the students leading on the project said: ‘It was so exciting to read the varying stories and memories sent through to us. Over the past couple of months, we have worked together to design banners which help make these stories come alive – so seeing these now hanging in The Galleries feels quite unreal!’   
The banners will be up for 2 months in summer 2021.
Thanks to the local communities for their stories,  David Wait Centre Manager and the Galleries team,  Bewonder marketing,  Ben & Becky UWE Digital print, Blachere Illumination, Ryan Brown UWE Fabrication & Rod Dickinson FET UWE. 

Creating Capital

During two weeks in November 2020 Level 1 Graphic Design students imagined the collapse of the monetary system and made images of alternative currencies for barter and trade. This was a live collaborative brief with Out of Hand who printed and displayed students work on A0 poster boards around central Bristol for 2-weeks during April 2021.

Over & Under: The Place of the Bridge

Over & Under: The Place of the Bridge (2015) was a six-week project culminating in a two-part exhibition showcasing the site-specific work made by level 3 students exploring the cultural, architectural and social significance of Bristol’s 43 bridges. Films were screened and performances took place at The Control Room on Redcliff Bridge, while a selection of publications documenting the students processes were exhibited at The Architecture Centre. Special edition screen-printed posters and a new typeface were made using mud from the river to publicise the event.

With thanks to visiting lecturers; writer Helen Cross, architectural historian Tom Keeley and designer Jonas Berthod

Fil(l) Full of Alternatives


FIL(L) FULL OF ALTERNATIVES is a book of speculative fiction, written and designed by third year Graphic Designers. The wild, radical and fanciful stories explore future possibilities for Filwood Community Centre.

Filwood Community Centre (Bristol) was built in 1938. It has been a community centre and not-for profit charity for 79 years. The building was run and fully funded by Bristol City Council until 2010, after which a residents group took on management of the building. Funding for the building has gradually been reduced by the City Council; next year it looks likely that the building will have all of it’s funding cut, putting the future of the building at stake. In October 2017 the Filwood Community Centre declared Crisis. The trustees are keen to keep this building as a resource for Bristol citizens, we were responding to an open invitation for artist, designers and activists in the city to think about the future of this space.

Stories were developed during a five-week residency at the community centre, working with visiting designers, artists and writers Bryony Gillard, Tom James and Ben Thomas.