A Souvenir for Your Safety

This matchbox packaging aims to provide a solution to the problem of domestic fires caused by children. Inspired by vintage matchbox packaging, the design integrates illustration and product design. The additional internal layer of the matchbox design makes it more complex to open therefore limiting a child’s ability to access the matches, and is reversible, showing a normal window scene on one side, or an inferno pattern on the reverse, through the cut-out windows of the outer sleeve. It sends a message of the dangers of matches and how quickly they can escalate and wreak havoc on your home.


Just A Boy Who Loves Waste | A Big Head Film

Matt explores the turbulent world of dating; he looks for that one special person. But for Matt this is harder than your average person, as he has a very particular passion for waste.


Matthew Beresford

Website: https://oval-lute-hbpg.squarespace.com

Instagram: @wetlettuce__

To my future loved ones

To my future loved ones, is a time capsule containing two publications, two posters and a set of resin artifacts. The projects aim is to help people comprehend the impact that our current decisions will have on the long term. Many of us find it hard to imagine past the time that we are on this planet, and this is an issue. The project puts this into perspective by showing how your actions now could mean your children will not have clean water to drink, or your grandchildren will not have clean air to breathe. We need to be more considerate about the consequences our actions have on the future.


Theo Edkins

Website: www.theoedkins.com

Here Lies

An artefact to signify the loss of biodiversity, and all the services which it provides the world, due to the construction of HS2 Railway and its destruction of ancient forests.


Louis Brookman Prins

Website: https://lbropd.cargo.site/ 

A Sign of Breakdown

A series of semiotics designed from a repeat pattern that was inspired by the atomic structure of CO2 – these signs serve to warn the public about issues such as air pollution and climate risks. The square system was informed by quantative measurements of CO2 in any given environment.

The series was centred around braille, the communicative system used by visually impaired people – how could the concept of communicating without words or images be utilised to create warning signs?


Joshua Downton-Lewis

Website: https://getjosh.net


Affirmation Suit

Inspired by All About Love by Bell Hooks, this is a boiler suit which works against consumerism through positive affirmations. Wearing these beliefs on your sleeve works as an antidote against the typical notion that we need more things to be happy.



Digital Holidays

The question arises of how we take a break when we feel under such obligation to work and meet our targets. 2020 also introduced the complexity of being unable to travel due to the worldwide pandemic. This unique situation as created a workforce without a break and without a desire to take one. This project poses the question of what a speculative future of holidaying could be, embracing the tools and devices around us to take adventures far beyond our office chairs. Time to take a digital break?


Jack Jones

Website: jackj.info

Instagram: @studio__ja