Correct Your Perception

The posters are to help promote and expose the hard-work are doing to destroy the stigma associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder. The distortion caused by the bubbles is intended to illustrate the confusing and random nature of the intrusive thoughts experienced by sufferers. The posters aim to correct the perception of the disorder and to promote a website that can be very beneficial for people sufferering from intursive thoughts.

A promotional poster series for

A Souvenir for Your Safety

This matchbox packaging aims to provide a solution to the problem of domestic fires caused by children. Inspired by vintage matchbox packaging, the design integrates illustration and product design. The additional internal layer of the matchbox design makes it more complex to open therefore limiting a child’s ability to access the matches, and is reversible, showing a normal window scene on one side, or an inferno pattern on the reverse, through the cut-out windows of the outer sleeve. It sends a message of the dangers of matches and how quickly they can escalate and wreak havoc on your home.


A series of posters designed to promote the work of The National Institute of Play. The series embodies a contemporary and playful style that suits the values of the NIFP and seeks to be a reminder that play is an essential part of life and not a luxury.


Maria Windsor


The Future Is Fungi

This Project is a celebration of Fungal life & Mycelium.

Merlin Sheldrake, a biologist, mycologist and author, suggests we should celebrate Fungi the same way as Plant and animal life as mycology is a neglected Mega science. If we harness this microbial world, it can be a useful alliance to adapt to a damaged planet and re examine our bad habits. I want to make people think of fungi in a new way and show off what this clever organism can do.


Olivia Stadden



Force For Change

A manifesto revealing a route forward for the UK Police Force to become more aligned with 21st Century Values. Making use of clear infographics, simple explanations and speculative design for ways to fix the issues identified. Force For Change represents a bipartisan way forward that would be able to totally reform the force while avoiding triggering phrases such as ‘defund the police’ that can lead to arguments across political lines.


Seb Lansdowne


Hand Handbook

Spoken language is a broad yet interesting subject. But our hands are also a big contributor to communication.

Hands contribute to expressions. A great population of the world communicate through sign language. Our gestures could communicate something pleasant or something crude. It could be universally understood, or it could be locally understood. Our gestures could make a whole language.

Our hands have the ability to make our day to day talks more interesting.


Aisyah Abd Munir


To my future loved ones

To my future loved ones, is a time capsule containing two publications, two posters and a set of resin artifacts. The projects aim is to help people comprehend the impact that our current decisions will have on the long term. Many of us find it hard to imagine past the time that we are on this planet, and this is an issue. The project puts this into perspective by showing how your actions now could mean your children will not have clean water to drink, or your grandchildren will not have clean air to breathe. We need to be more considerate about the consequences our actions have on the future.


Theo Edkins