This publication was created to educate about the effect that material culture and white privilege have on our day-to-day lives without us realising, while also linking it to the withdrawal of Edward Colston’s statue last summer. The toppling of the monument was a perfect example of how an object and white privilege have combined to affect people’s lives and decisions. I used the word ‘Topple’ as the title for this publication because, as well as describing the removal of the statue, it is also a perfect way to express how racism should be dealt with generally. Topple it.


James Quartly


Words of a Wrongly Convicted Person

This project explores the spreading of wrongful conviction awareness. Termaine Hicks served 19 years in prison for a crime he did not commit and during that time wrote the poem ‘Just Another Day’. Each line is located in a different area of Bristol, with a QR code to view/hear the complete poem.


Rianna Ngombe


Incredibly Eccentric

A magazine celebrating some of the world’s most eccentric people. Showing interviews with these unique individuals, the aim of the magazine is to empower everybody, not despite their diversity but because of it.

The magazine isn’t an attempt to normalise these individuals. Yes, they are eccentric, but they are also incredible! We should learn to share our similarities and celebrate our differences.


Rachel Bonner



The Market Will Regulate Itself

The past few years of British politics have been characterised by privatisation, deregulation of the market, austerity policies and competitiveness. These are only some of the defining characteristics of the neoliberal ideology through which policies have been implemented and continue to rule the political landscape of both sides of the Atlantic. Neoliberal policies have shaped  not only the way we live but, also our society and environments. As a way of encapsulating the ideological change brought about by this ideology and its repercussions on our system, I created a sound piece mixing recorded sounds titled ‘The Market Will Regulate Itself’ as a social commentary on our current system. This is the result of a collaborative project.


Marta Celio



Holy Design Union

Holy Design Union is a collection of ideas, experiments, speculations and designs on the subject of unionising workforces. The power of a union lies within the real action and physical stuctures and communities they are both able to produce and protect. Holy Design Union searches for a such a community amongst designers.

The union specifically looks at the polarity in modern society today between education and professionalism, in which design as a craft, practice and theory is reduced to a paid service in a society in which markets dictate our relevance. Within this shift there remains a space for authentic and truly sustaining forms of activity.

All content found on Holy Design Union is free to use, disseminate and appropriate for non-profit purposes.

Holy Design Union website:


Emilia Ford



Concerning Us

Francesca Mannocchi is a freelance journalist who covers migration and conflicts and contributes to numerous Italian and international newspapers. This publication brings together a series of interviews and reports she did in Libya and Yemen. I believe it is important to translate them into English since these wars and situations should concern everyone internationally.

I hope this book will engage a wide audience through strong and clear visual content.


Valeria Labruna



Someone, Somewhere

“What do you think someone you’ve never met keeps in their top drawer? The drawer of a bank robber, a tax collector, or that man who loiters outside Farm Foods? I don’t know, but I’ve imagined it.”


Rebecca Coleman