Showreel 2021

This is a compilation of students’ motion graphic and video projects from the class of 2021 to celebrate the graduates’ work. Well done everyone this year as well.

Just A Boy Who Loves Waste | A Big Head Film

Matt explores the turbulent world of dating; he looks for that one special person. But for Matt this is harder than your average person, as he has a very particular passion for waste.


Matthew Beresford


Instagram: @wetlettuce__

The Future Is Fungi

This Project is a celebration of Fungal life & Mycelium.

Merlin Sheldrake, a biologist, mycologist and author, suggests we should celebrate Fungi the same way as Plant and animal life as mycology is a neglected Mega science. If we harness this microbial world, it can be a useful alliance to adapt to a damaged planet and re examine our bad habits. I want to make people think of fungi in a new way and show off what this clever organism can do.


Olivia Stadden



Digital Holidays

The question arises of how we take a break when we feel under such obligation to work and meet our targets. 2020 also introduced the complexity of being unable to travel due to the worldwide pandemic. This unique situation as created a workforce without a break and without a desire to take one. This project poses the question of what a speculative future of holidaying could be, embracing the tools and devices around us to take adventures far beyond our office chairs. Time to take a digital break?


Jack Jones


Instagram: @studio__ja

Words of a Wrongly Convicted Person

This project explores the spreading of wrongful conviction awareness. Termaine Hicks served 19 years in prison for a crime he did not commit and during that time wrote the poem ‘Just Another Day’. Each line is located in a different area of Bristol, with a QR code to view/hear the complete poem.


Rianna Ngombe


You Can’t Have Your Cake & Eat It

Social media is dominating our everyday lives acting as a catalyst around the stigma of bodies and fat phobia. This is a constant issue with social platforms taking down diverse images and the algorithms only promoting the ‘conventional’ bodies. Diet culture is essentially societies acceptance for eating disorders, they encourage starvation, restrictive nutrition and many other unhealthy habits. Magazines promote this behaviour and idolise it through celebrity statuses. You Can’t Have Your Cake & Eat It is a series of art directed photography that exposes the toxic traits within the diet culture through a satirical narrative


Emilia Pavely



Showreel 2020

A compilation of graduating students’ work made for the 2020 graduation show, on the BA Hons Graphic Design Degree at UWE Bristol.

Edited by Josh Jefferson