Perspectives is a project based on the idea of stepping back and seeing a bigger picture, getting space and gaining more understanding. My perspex book allows us to understand the importance of having perspective as with the turn of each page we are able to see more f the image at the back. This is to represent stepping back and seeing more of the bigger picture, more context and to gain more understanding. This has been expressed both literally and laterally through this project as it encourages the viewer to turn the pages as if they were stepping backwards so that they are able to see more of the picture with each turn of the page ‘or step back’ that they take. 

This project is aimed at young adults, especially those of my own generation as our phones are constantly glued to our hands.

Scan & Learn

Scan&Learn is an interactive device that allows you to learn more about food items that are familiar to us. It’s educating through entertainment. Scan&Learn will question what you think you know about your food.

This interactive piece is created with the use of Arduino. The objects were 3D printed and they have an RFID tag inside, to allow the machine to recognise them, once they are scanned. Each object contains few interesting facts – you have to scan it few times to discover all the possibilities. The device is half-transparent in order to show the audience how is it made. This is an extension of the ‘Learning’ part.