L1 Social Capital – Pockets

Students in the first year of our BA (Hons) Graphic Design course have been exploring ideas around Capital.

In this brief they were considering Social Capital, co-operation and networks of trust. Here they were tasked in a half day workshop to sew the buttons back onto their shirts using only 1 hand each (in a pair), then create a pocket on their shirt that could hold a ‘design tool’. Here are a selection of the students photographed wearing their finished outcomes.

Photography / Editing by Kate Rogers
Music By Autechre

L1 – Intro to Images

Level 1 students, as part of their first module, Introduction to Words and Images – (Images strand) – have been working on a 2-part project looking at Capital, Production and Work.

The students were tasked to find and document examples of workers, images of people engaged in their work activities to be used as content for a collective A4 Riso publication, produced in one day.

Links to more images can be found here: