Chasing The Sun

Chasing the sun is a dynamic, obsessive journey documented from Bristol City to Weston Super-Mare. The journey dives into a vigorous moving image through zooms, twists and turns. Using photography, stop motion and videography the final film aims to communicate the way we as humans travel through the land, using the sun as our guidance to direct us.

This film is the second project part of my extended study in the relationship between man and land. Alongside to be viewed with the film is; a publication, a large scale fold out map, an accordion poster, a laser cut typographic object, a photography book, a sun typographic video and a promo video.


A series of screen-printed plastic bags, exploring the experience of claustrophobia, using quotes from people who suffer from it. This series is designed to share the experience that some people go through everyday of their lives.

Man Made

One of a series of photographs looking into capturing plastic flowers as if they were real.

This project is based around the idea of modern day people replacing fresh flowers with fake as they need no love or care, just an occasional dusting, and how we neglect the nature around us.

Beneath the Surface

This book is about looking beneath the surface. Exploring and exposing the beauty of concrete by looking at the smaller and more delicate details. These concrete exteriors of Brutalist buildings are located around Bristol.

Level 1 – Intro to Images

Level 1 have been undertaking three image-making rotations, looking at the subject of Cultural Capital, Class and Taste.

In the photographic rotation, students were asked to bring an example of ~ drinking vessel / cutlery / plate / fruit / vegetable / decorative object, to work with to form a photographic composition after their location-based observation visit to an area of the city.

The photographs reference 16/17th century Vanitas paintings “A still life artwork which includes various symbolic objects designed to remind the viewer of their mortality and of the worthlessness of worldly goods and pleasures”.

Here are a few examples, these come from Clifton village.