Through exploring creative related fears and insecurities, I have created a set of uniquely shaped balancing blocks, which aim to aid creative block. The forms are inspired by the conflicting physical associations with the word ‘block’, such as irregular, multi-faceted and stone-like shapes. The process of stacking the blocks into mini, precariously balanced sculptures are inspired by the man-made stack of stones called Cairns. This process of stacking, building, and balancing encourages thought and imagination. Every interaction and build will be unique due to the irregularity of the blocks, allowing the mind to think creatively and find a solution, moving away from the creative block.

Supporting publication looking at the usability of the balancing blocks. How people interact and interpret with them whilst also referring to the concept of ‘play as work’ to aid a person’s creative block. How does the simple act of playing spark a persons’ creativity? whilst examining how the creations are representative of the players’ practice and stylistic approach.

Global Taste Symphony

Global Taste Symphony is a publication that brings to life a very unique cake recipe ‘The Opera Cake’ which comes in 4 different flavour combinations inspired by 4 different geographical locations: Asian, Scandinavian, Mediterranean and Australian. The book focuses on ingredient choices within each cake flavour combination as well as the flavour journey taken whilst eating each flavour combination of the cake. The book is encased with a laser engraved slipcase wooden box. Enhancing the taste journey was done throughout the use of typography, imagery, illustrations and colours, every detailFold out pages within the main publication are on a contrasting paper stock and once folded out are a physical representation of the long and interesting journey of taste in each flavour combination of cake.

Beneath the Surface

This book is about looking beneath the surface. Exploring and exposing the beauty of concrete by looking at the smaller and more delicate details. These concrete exteriors of Brutalist buildings are located around Bristol.


Perspectives is a project based on the idea of stepping back and seeing a bigger picture, getting space and gaining more understanding. My perspex book allows us to understand the importance of having perspective as with the turn of each page we are able to see more f the image at the back. This is to represent stepping back and seeing more of the bigger picture, more context and to gain more understanding. This has been expressed both literally and laterally through this project as it encourages the viewer to turn the pages as if they were stepping backwards so that they are able to see more of the picture with each turn of the page ‘or step back’ that they take. 

This project is aimed at young adults, especially those of my own generation as our phones are constantly glued to our hands.


With the title of my extended study being ‘Nature within the South-West’, I decided to focus my research upon the work of the Avon Wildlife Trust. By volunteering with the Pollinators Corridors Team I was able to experience the work of the volunteers and each trip allowed me to learn knew skills and to achieve a better understanding of the Trust’s goals. In order to educate others, I decided to gather my findings and produce this publication.


Twinonymns is a visual publication playing on the word synonyms. A synonym is a word that has a similar or same meaning as another word. I played around with the synonyms for twins and created visuals for each word to show the different meanings. Each synonym flows into the next as shapes and text work together. The publication is made of a2 spreads and is unbound so that each page can form into a poster