Showreel 2020

A compilation of graduating students’ work made for the 2020 graduation show, on the BA Hons Graphic Design Degree at UWE Bristol.

Edited by Josh Jefferson 

L1 Social Capital – Pockets

Students in the first year of our BA (Hons) Graphic Design course have been exploring ideas around Capital.

In this brief they were considering Social Capital, co-operation and networks of trust. Here they were tasked in a half day workshop to sew the buttons back onto their shirts using only 1 hand each (in a pair), then create a pocket on their shirt that could hold a ‘design tool’. Here are a selection of the students photographed wearing their finished outcomes.

Photography / Editing by Kate Rogers
Music By Autechre

Merging Cups

Metaphorical ways of showing the process of working together. The challenge is to finish the drink, drinking alone is not allowed.

Chasing The Sun

Chasing the sun is a dynamic, obsessive journey documented from Bristol City to Weston Super-Mare. The journey dives into a vigorous moving image through zooms, twists and turns. Using photography, stop motion and videography the final film aims to communicate the way we as humans travel through the land, using the sun as our guidance to direct us.

This film is the second project part of my extended study in the relationship between man and land. Alongside to be viewed with the film is; a publication, a large scale fold out map, an accordion poster, a laser cut typographic object, a photography book, a sun typographic video and a promo video.

Pace With Me

Pace with me is a series of GIFs that helps people who are feeling stressed out to calm down by taking deep breathes and pacing themselves to the breathing tempo of these animated GIFs. The mood and tone of the visuals are based of the concept of a good dream.