RSA Students Award 2021 – Hacked!

We are pleased to announce that our students Izzy Tippins, Ella Coldray (Watson), Jared Appleton won the RSA students award 2021 for the brief “Bridging the Divide”.

Hacked! is a board game for 8 -11 year olds that educates and informs youth on the ways algorithms can shape our everyday lives, and how to combat them.

This is how they describe the project: Youth are increasingly online and consuming content on the internet from a young age with little understanding of how algorithms shape their experience of social media platforms. Hacked! is an educational board game with an accompanying teacher pack that can educate young children (8-11) on what algorithms are, how they work and how they affect the information we consume. The game is designed to be an interactive, collaborative and fun approach to unpacking the topic of misinformation and can be used to supplement existing curriculums on internet safety and digital literacy.

Well done again!

Izzy Tippins:
Ella Coldray (Watson):
Jared Appleton: