Student Competition – Win £500!

We are looking for UWE students from any discipline to submit their ideas for artwork that can be used to illustrate the work of the University’s Centre for Appearance Research (CAR) in its promotional activities, including printed materials, online (e.g. the CAR website), in conference presentations and CAR’s social media presence. 

The winner will receive £500 and will be credited on the images when used to promote CAR’s work at a local, national and international level.  The winning image is likely to be seen by a wide ranging audience that is indicative of those who are interested in and engaged with CAR’s work, including the public, academics,  students, health professionals, teachers, schools, support organisations, policy makers, the media and business executives. 

The Centre for Appearance Research (CAR) is the world’s largest group of researchers focusing on the role of appearance in people’s lives.  It is a University centre of excellence for psychological and interdisciplinary, patient-centred research in appearance, disfigurement, body image and related studies, consisting of around 30 psychology researchers, including PhD students, researchers, academics, and professors. 

We strive to promote acceptance of diversity of appearance in all aspects of our work.  We will not use images that promote unrealistic ideals of appearance.

We conduct innovative research that creates and promotes knowledge and understanding about the psychosocial and cultural aspects of appearance with a focus on promoting positive body image and acceptance of diversity in appearance. Much of our work is around the development and evaluation of interventions/support for people with appearance–related concerns: this includes children, young people and adults; men and women; people who look in some way ‘different’ to the norm, for example due to conditions they were born with (e.g. cleft lip and palate), injury (e.g. burns), or health conditions (e.g. cancer treatment). Our research also investigates what influences people’s body image, including mass and social media, peers, families, and cultural norms, and how to promote positive body image and resilience in the general public.

For more information about CAR to go

CAR is also on Facebook (@AppearanceResearch) and Twitter (@CAR_UWE)

Deadline for application: 5pm on 25th June 2018


Further Information & Competition Guidlines: Announcing a student competition to design artwork to represent the Centre for Appearance Research