The Werkhouse Weekend

Following the success of the first werkhouse weekend in 2017, we’re back again this year. This time our weekend workshop is for 2nd year university students, so they can take their experience of Werkhouse into their final year of study. Once again, we’ll be at Taxi Studio, with some of the region’s most respected design industry professionals.

It’ll be a challenge — a deep dive into the creative and interpersonal skills you need to succeed in a design studio. We’ll show you how we rapidly develop concepts for clients and help you to sell your ideas. We’ll do this with a project scenario, five teams and some real pressure – to better prepare you for what design businesses need. Applications are open (deadline 30th April).

Participants work in teams, each led by a designer. Senior professionals rotate throughout to provide their input and ensure that all participants get time with everybody involved. Day 1 is about exploring the client situation and generating ideas within teams. Day 2 is about filtering, visualising and then sharing team ideas with the whole group. Participants share ideas, process and thinking. They do not create finished designs or make formal pitches. The expectation is that everyone contributes and collaborates, shares ideas and listens to others. Ask lots of questions, feel free to challenge, learn from each other and have fun.

For more information: Booklet About the Weekend

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To apply, please fill out this short form. It takes place from 8.30am to 6pm on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th June 2018 at Taxi Studio in Bristol. The deadline for applications is Monday 30th April 2018.