The Periphery Students Project – Application Deadline: 21st Oct

The Periphery is a student project inspired by the work of Stephen Gill, who will be exhibiting at Arnolfini between 16 October-16 January. A collaboration between The School of Art & Design, Arnolfini, and ACE Technical Learning.

Level 2 undergraduate students from Art & Design or Photography are invited to apply to get involved.
What to do if you’re interested:

Watch a recording of the project launch here. Includes an introduction to this opportunity, also to Stephen Gill’s art work, by Arnolfini Director Gary Topp.

Study Stephen Gill’s work and visit his exhibition at Arnolfini (opens Saturday 16th October). Think about Stephen’s concept of ‘the periphery’, and how it might inspire you, or be an imaginative starting point for something new. Make sure you can be available on your Project Day (see details below). Stephen’s idea of the periphery is a starting point that can be interpreted in loads of different ways. E.g. Peripheral vision, margins, edges, liminal spaces, unattended to / undervalued / under-represented…? It’s up to you. Just don’t copy Stephen’s work! He already made it!

Apply to get involved via this link:
Deadline: 5pm – Thursday 21st October 2021.

Participants will attend a Project Day on Friday 5th November. These days will feature experimental making sessions led by technical staff, also academics and researchers. Materials will be provided for these workshops. Explore new processes and approaches! Make new art work! Work alongside students from other courses! It will be at Bower Ashton. (Times to be confirmed.)

Depending on your programme commitments, participants will also be able to book follow-up time in Fabrication and other technical areas at Bower Ashton during Mon-Weds 8th, 9th, 10th November, to develop your new art work. (Book via Student Project Coordinators:, 01173286886.)

Produce quality documentation of your art work, and process, as you go. We will ask you for high quality images and/or footage of the new work / project that you develop.

Further info:

Stephen Gill’s Arnolfini exhibition details are here , visiting days / times are here. Check out Arnolfini’s bookshop on the ground floor and Reading Room on 2nd floor.

Here are two short videos produced by Louisiana Museum, Denmark, featuring Stephen discussing recent projects.

Stephen’s exhibition is part of the brilliant Bristol Photo Festival, you might like to check out some other photography-related exhibitions and events happening in the city this Autumn.

Any questions:

Please email Mike Ricketts (Associate Head of Department: Art) at