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During the 2017 election, 1 in 3 people saw a Momentum video. These videos helped beat the right wing media and overturn the Tories’ majority – but to win this election, we need to go bigger.

Today we’re launching Videos By The Many – a network of people ready to get behind the camera and make videos to persuade people to vote Labour. Whether you’ve got professional video equipment or just a trusty smartphone, you can be a key part of our election-winning video team. Join our strategy call with Ken Loach at 7pm tomorrow to find out more! 



Click above to watch the video, and join our call with Ken Loach at 7pm tomorrow!👇

Join the call with Ken Loach

We know that social media platforms – from Instagram to Facebook to TikTok – prioritise video content over other kinds of posts. It’s these videos that persuade voters and shape major political campaigns.

We also know that people are more likely to be persuaded by people who look and sound like themselves, and that people trust voices from their local communities – whether it’s a nurse, shopkeeper or teacher.

Together, we can tell powerful stories about why we’re backing Labour in this election. Join our call tomorrow night to find out more!


Count me in

Anyone with a smartphone can find and film these stories, and all of us have social networks with reach well beyond just Labour voters. Even a selfie video could swing the vote of people you know in this election, and if thousands of us take part, we can get Jeremy Corbyn into Number 10.

Let’s go!


In solidarity,

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