Weird and Wonderful Animal Conservation | Charity Branding Brief

Weird and Wonderful Animal Conservation (WAWA Conservation) is a newly formed charitable organisation. It was created to effectively support the conservation of endangered wildlife, primarily through raising funds in the UK. Here at WAWA Conservation we are looking to develop a brand so that we can take our first steps as a recognisable and credible wildlife conservation organisation. We want a brand identity that is simple, effective and bold, showcasing our environmental focus at a first glance.

If you would like to be part of this process we would love to have your artistic input. We would like to invite you to submit a brand design for our organisation. We are offering a payment of £100 for the full development of the chosen design.


It’s no secret that the biggest hurdle to carrying out conservation actions is funding. Notably, grant applications take time and effort and are never guaranteed. These can be particularly difficult to obtain for small or new NGOs as they struggle to compete with other more established organisations. Furthermore, securing regular donations takes time and effort and is inconsistent at best.

Having studied and carried out wildlife conservation for several years, our founders have realised that another big issue faced by conservationists is the huge donor bias towards the more charismatic animals (lions, tigers, elephants etc.). The knock on effect of this is that there is an action bias towards those animals. For example, lion conservation is a $2.4bn/year industry, with 20,000 left in the wild. So that works out as about $120k per lion, per year. On the other hand, the Great Green Macaw receives only about $100k/year, with only 3,500 left in the wild. So that’s the equivalent of only $28.58 per bird, per year. This is a clear problem when you consider just how few Great Green Macaws there are left in the wild compared to lions.

The aim of WAWA Conservation is to work in contrast to the sector bias towards charismatic animals, in order to better protect biodiversity as a whole. To do this, we will raise funds in the UK and use them to support conservation interventions globally. We will focus our efforts on protecting species that are particularly important due to either their unique behaviour, genetics, biology; or their important roles in the ecosystem, such as being environmental engineers or keystone species. Essentially, we want to help the weird and wonderful animals rather than just the bright and bold ones.

Our mission is to preserve biodiversity across the globe for future generations to enjoy by supporting the effective, science-based conservation of unique and important wildlife species.


Wildlife conservation comes in many different forms and each situation needs different people with different skills and tools. While some people like to contribute by donating to organisations like ours, and others like to travel across the world to help out in the field, we believe that anybody can contribute in a meaningful way by simply supporting the cause and providing their own expertise where it is needed. We wouldn’t want to insult you by offering “exposure” in exchange for your hard work, but instead, we want to offer you the opportunity to make a real difference to wildlife across the globe by simply doing what it is that you do best.


You’ve been chosen because of your skills and passion as a designer, and right now that is exactly what is needed by all the endangered species which we will go on to support. As a not-for-profit charitable organisation we can offer you the opportunity to help save threatened species all across the planet. You can expect your work to help us reach and inspire hundreds, if not thousands, of people to contribute in their own way to keep our planet weird and wonderful.

Although we would love for you to submit a brand design there is no pressure and absolutely no expectations from us. We understand that you might be very busy right now and that your time might already be spoken for, so please be assured that you can turn this project down absolutely guilt-free. However, if you do have a little spare time on your hands and you fancy getting creative, why not give it a go and send us a rough draft. The chosen designer will be given £100 in order to finalise their design.

The following articles would be needed for the final design of the brand basics:

  1. Standard Logo design – colour
  2. Standard Logo design – black and white version
  3. Logo variation 1 – square
  4. Logo variation 2 – condensed
  5. Logo icon/badge (e.g. for social media portrait)
  6. 2x Fonts – header and body (must be public domain)
  7. Colour palette with CMYK reference (maximum of three colours only plus black and white)


  • ●  The whole brand design must use a ​maximum​ of three colours, plus black and white
  • ●  We hope to work with multiple classes of animals (mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians,

    insects and fish) across multiple habitats (rainforest, tundra, ocean, steppe, desert etc.)

  • ●  Our approach is alternative and unique in the world of wildlife conservation
  • ●  Despite our approach, we want to be credible among wildlife conservation professionals,

    scientists and the general public

  • ●  Logos must be transferable to different platforms of digital and print media
  • ●  Our target audience is widespread across demographics: donors will often fall into the

    bracket of being older, middle-class, British residents; whereas the organisations that we work with are likely to be international (on a global scale) with non-english speaking, working-class, local communities as their frontline staff and professionals/academics forming their board of directors.

  • ●  We would consider organisations like WWF, RSPB, Wildlife Trusts, Wildlife Conservation Network etc. to be very much our superiors (and with very strong branding) who we aim to be alongside one day
  • ●  We would consider our current peers (UK organisations with similar size and goals) to be:
    • ○  Wildlife and welfare
    • ○  Wildlife research and management trust fund
    • ○  The Penycommin trust for wildlife conservation
    • ○  Habitat and wildlife conservation society
    • ○  Dambari Wildlife trust
    • ○  Wildlife conservation International Ltd
    • ○  The wildlife ark trust



If you would like to submit a design proposal for our new branding, please present your bid on the attached design template, ensuring your email address is noted. Email all applications to​ ​BEFORE 31/05/2020​.

Please note that we are a non-profit organisation and the maximum value of this project is limited to £100. ​No payment is offered to general applicants at this stage as only the chosen designer will be awarded the payment.


Submitted designs will be assessed and commented on by all the board members of WAWA Conservation. A voting process will then take place and the designer of the chosen branding will be contacted. Once the branding has been chosen, all applicants will be notified and if you would like to see the feedback on your designs please let us know at that point.


If your design is chosen to be used, you will be paid the £100 upon submission of a finalised design. Upon payment, you will be required to give full consent for your submitted works to be used in any way required by WAWA Conservation. You will also be asked to give WAWA Conservation the rights to, and ownership of, the design; and to send over the editable files for each article for us to use freely.

Please send design submissions and any questions to Jack Haines, ​