Call for pitches: Help us rethink the internet

If we could pull the plug and redesign the internet from scratch, what would we change and what would we keep?


What kind of internet might we be heading towards (seeking both notes of caution, as well as constructive ideas for how we might mend some of the internet’s emerging ills), and what lessons can we learn from its past? What alternatives for the internet can we imagine?

We are very keen to include a variety of different kinds of outputs in this collection: essays, videos and animations, long form journalism and reporting, short stories, poems, illustrations, comics, animations… We are very open to suggestions, as long as pitches engage with the stated topic in a creative and compelling way. The total set of contributions will be turned into an interactive website, to be released in February 2019. Please note that we will also produce a hardcopy book version of the collection, though the main output will be digital.

If you are interested in being part of this project, send us a pitch, including a short description (maximum 200 words) of the kind of contribution you had in mind and a selection of your work by October 26th. All materials should be sent to We will review all entries in the weeks after, and will be in touch with shortlisted applicants by early November.


For more information visit: