Competition – Visual Identity for Academic Conference

Design Competition: Design a visual identity for an academic conference in Bristol in 2022

Hello. We are the organisers of a conference taking place in 2022 at the University of Bristol. It will bring 700+ environmental historians, writers, researchers and thinkers together. It will also be available online, and is a very international event – people from 34 countries have attended this conference in the past. It’s a big audience, a prestigious event, and we need YOU to help us make it look good.

What we need: a visual identity for our conference that reflects

  • It’s Bristol location
  • It’s 2022 date. It has been postponed from 2021 due to the pandemic, so it is important to communicate the correct year! The specific date is 4-8 July 2022.
  •  It’s emphasis on Environment and History. The full title of the conference is the European Society for Environmental History conference, ‘ESEH 2022’ for short. Environmental history explores how humans and nature have interacted, and how ideas about environment and nature have developed through time. It’s an important time to be doing this research – in a climate emergency, we can use knowledge about the past to help us move forward.
  • We’d like the visual identity to be eye-catching and stylish. Academic conferences sometimes look a bit bland and corporate. That’s not us!


  • A conference logo. This will appear on all our materials – twitter account, programme, website, any communication. It should include ‘ESEH 2022’.
  • A website banner (for use on a WordPress website)
  • A poster. This is a chance to show off your skills with more space than the logo will allow. We’d like every person at the conference to go home with a poster that they will put up on their wall and be reminded what a good time they had in Bristol.

What’s in it for you?

  • Cash prize of £250
  • A public-facing commission at a prestigious institution – good for portfolios
  • Optional extra: free pass to the conference
  • Optional extra: if you have art that you’d like to sell, we can provide a space at the conference for you to do so. It will run 4-8 July 2022 in Bristol.

We’d ideally like to see draft submissions of the deliverables. Send them to Marianna and Andy by 30 April 2021.