Enrol Yourself

Enrol Yourself is an award winning social enterprise reimagining lifelong learning through the power of peer groups. 
We offer a 6 month learning accelerator called the Learning Marathon. Every participant chooses their own ‘learning question’ which they explore and develop a response to, drawing on the skills, perspectives, creativity and resources of their new, multidisciplinary peer group.
The programme is designing to fit alongside work and participants come out with enhanced 21st Century skills, a wider professional network, a project which can act as a portfolio piece demonstrating their capabilities – and an increased sense of wellbeing and support from their peers. This is for anyone with a personal, professional or societal development goal.
This year we’re offering the programme in Bristol for the first time and applications are now open. We’re putting together a knockout group of participants bringing a variety of perspectives to the table. All the details can be found here, and key dates are below.
Come to the open night to find out more: April 17th Early bird deadline gets you 10% off: April 21st Final application deadline: April 28th Learning Marathon kicks off: May 11th – 12th